About Me - Unparalleled Suffering Photography

About Me

I capture humans and nonhumans in all of my pictures. A human may not be visible in the photo, but they are still part of the photo because the nonhumans are only in the situation that they’re in because of what kinds of things humans have done to them. The types of injustices that are being done to animals every single second are outrageously unnecessary, anti-empathetic, soul destroying, barbaric, brutal, psychotic, environmentally devastating, and crueler than most minds could possibly imagine or comprehend. I’m interested in showing animals who are automatically denied a happy and free life and who are in the process of living a life that is incessantly being destroyed, disrespected, and degraded. Showing the whole spectrum of what it’s like to be a non-human in a world where humans think they rule the world is what I do, so I also show animals who are loved and cared for at a great capacity by humans who don’t want any personal negative involvement with animal exploitation, abuse, and killing.

I seek to travel to as much of the whole world as possible and document through still and moving images all the ways I can find in which animals are suffering due to the irresponsible, selfish, and greedy hands, eyes, and minds of humans. I also document how in turn humans are suffering in a multitude of ways, which result directly from this nasty attitude and point of view towards mobile and immobile nature. I hope that I can educate and help to foster compassion, enlightenment, and evolution in decent humans and potentially decent humans. The images show that the sum of the world is nothing like the little parts we frequently see. At the time of writing this, I’m working on shutting three annual events down that are nothing but a bunch of people getting amused at animals being mistreated and hurt. I have a lot planned, but it’s my long term goal to try to make this a much more comfortable and worthwhile world for nonhumans. Animals deserve to be liberated and left alone or cared for if need be and I think my photography proves that.  We all want to live and be able to fulfill what our personality desires and so do they.  

Doing this kind of work can get very expensive very quickly.  I can always use lots of extra money for the type of work I conduct.  Please donate to my cause if you can, I promise it will all go towards fighting for the animals.